What to do?

What are we working for? Why we developed this project? Why do we keep improving it?
The main purpose of our Project is to help people get back their losses as soon as possible! And, of course, thanks to your help to have a little share in their happiness.
We rely on your responsiveness. A sense of solidarity reminds us again that we are human beings. Remember, you may also lose something or someone...


Open An Ad - Announce Your Loss!

Define all the characteristics of the missing person and don`t forget to add a photo!

Set a Reward - Motivate!

Rewarding will make it easier to find your losses. You can give a reward if you wish.



Install Application To Your Phone

Download our apps from Google Play and AppStore. Instantly get notifications from those who want to help you.

We See Your Loss As Our Loss

We want you to know that we are very sorry for your loss. So we have developed this project and hope that we can help you.